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Don't Neglect Your Stove This Summer - Top Tips for Stove Servicing

Sometimes over the summer your stove can be left feeling unloved and lonely with everyone outside playing in the sunshine. To make sure your stove does not feel dejected and is ready for the autumn and winter months you should get your stove serviced by a registered engineer as well as having your chimney swept.

Most warranties are only valid if the stove has an annual service by a registered engineer. Think of it the same as having your boiler or car serviced.

Servicing your stove should include:

  • Checking for any damage to the interior bricks, grates and rope seals.
  • If there is damage to any of these parts they should be replaced, not replacing them will impede the efficiency and possibly cause damage to the appliance.
  • Sweeping the chimney and checking for any soot build up.
  • Removing internal bricks and grates so that a complete clean can be done.
  • Checking your carbon monoxide alarm is working.
  • Checking the glass for cracks and advising replacement if necessary.
  • Replacing any rope seals around the door, glass, or ash pan if they look damaged or have hardened.
  • Replacing any damaged or broken firebricks.
  • Cleaning the exterior of the stove, possibly respraying to make the stove look like new, so it can continue to take pride of place in your room.

When stoves are not regularly inspected or serviced, this can lead to a number of problems that will only come to light when you next use your stove. Make sure you book your service before the season starts to avoid the waits. 

Genuine spare parts are available from any of our retailers across the country or from us direct.

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