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Hergom have experienced huge growth in the UK Market - Here's why

Why buy Hergom? The Spanish brand taking the stove world by storm.

While Hergom has over 50 years of experience in crafting stoves and honing their woodburning technologies, it is no surprise that their woodburning stoves range is growing ever more popular here in the UK.

From design to manufacture, all processes take place in their offices and foundry in Santander Spain. Hergom takes pride in the quality of their cast iron products and believes that cast iron is the ideal material for wood-burning stoves. This is thanks to its durability, sturdiness, finishing possibilities and high heat transfer capabilities.


Given its extraordinary resistance to heat and rust and construction capabilities without weld points, cast iron is one of the highest quality materials to make components for a woodburning stove.

Quality Heat

Cast iron products emit a pleasant, uniform, radiant heat. They cool more slowly than steel-bodied stoves, allowing you to continue to enjoy some warmth from the fire after it has been extinguished.


Cast iron allows for unique shapes and attractive details, allowing shapes and forming that cannot be created from the use of other materials. Some Hergom products are available in an enamel finish, for high adherence protection. The brightness of the enamel remains intact over time, and the non-stock surface allows for easy cleaning.

High Heat Transfer Capabilities

Cast iron is also less likely to undergo, to the same level as steel, the expansion-contraction cycle caused by the heating-cooling of steel stoves. A cast-iron bodied stove will provide decades of operation.

Hundreds of thousands of homes worldwide have trusted Hergom products and are fully satisfied because at Hergóm they unite research and the latest technologies to guarantee you a confident fire experience, with complete efficiency.

The best materials

As the main component of their products, cast iron guarantees a high-quality finish, great resilience, and optimum heat transfer. All steel models boast a double chamber structure to guarantee their durability over time.

Clean burn and high efficiency

Hergom’s advanced combustion systems assure a complete wood burn, giving you more heat with less wood, reducing your costs in fuel and maintenance while taking care of the environment

Outstanding fire view

The big glass surfaces remain clean for a long time thanks to the Airwash system, which drives an air current through the inner side of the glass, keeping it free of soot and giving you a spectacular view of the flickering flames

Easy combustion control

The fire is easily controlled thanks to primary and secondary air controls, which allow you to adjust the amount of air in the combustion process

Easy cleaning

Removable ash pans assure clean and convenient disposal of ashes.


All Hergom products are EC certified to guarantee their efficient performance, safety and low emissions, but at Hergóm they work hard to pass the strictest international controls regarding efficiency, CO, particle emissions, etc.

For a full look at the current Hergom range, you can view their range on our website here.

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