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Mendip: Loxton 5 Maxi - Heat For The Modern Home

As part of their re-launch of the Mendip wood burning stove range from leading UK protagonist Eurostove, the new Loxton 5 Maxi model has been introduced and will feature in the all-new brochure.

The Loxton 5 Maxi has been devised with the modern home environment clearly in mind with sleek convection side panels for better heat distribution in an open plan room, and the stove itself raised on attractive legs offering a more obvious view of the fire and a better loading position. (This also offers a storage area for logs).

There are also some important component refinements – a new cast iron door and handle, cast iron grate and a closed combustion system. The latter in the modern air-tight home is important to performance as the air is taken from an external source therefore not wasting pre-heated air in the home.

With the modern and new-build house market clearly in mind, Eurostove have achieved a practical optimal price without in any way compromising their inherent quality and performance.

Loxton stoves are available in a range of four outputs from 3.3 to 10KW so the user can choose the correct stove for their circumstances. Their pre-heated air wash system not only washes over the glass to help keep it clean and free of deposits, but also feeds air directly into the heart of the fire.

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