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Mendip Stoves - Product Showcase - Loxton 5- 10 Range

The Loxton from Mendip Stoves has been a staple in the range since it's inception. Over the last 8 years we've updated and evolved the model to make it cleaner burning and more efficient. Within the latest iteration of the Loxton 5-10 range there are a number of features we want to showcase to give you the opportunity to see the features we love best about this stove in detail.

Mendip Loxton 5 MK4 EcodesignLoxton 8 Logstore

Loxton 10 Logstore

The clean lines of the Loxton 5-10 range on their cast doors and large glass window open the firebox to the room. The carefully fabricated cast iron door features the Mendip Stoves logo embossed onto the bottom right hand side of the door.

Loxton Door Detail

Designed to be easy to hold and open, the milled steel handle, with two subtle lines encircling the handle, adds a splash of colour to the Loxton door.


Loxton Door Handle Detail


The Loxton range also features the unique universal air control box, which lets you control both primary and secondary air from the single lever below the door.

Loxton Air Control

By moving the lever left and right you control where the air flow comes from into the firebox chamber, and by pushing / pulling the lever in or out you can control the intensity of the burn by allowing more or less air into the fire box.


Loxton Air Control Wide Shot


Each of the 5kW , 8kW and 10kW models are also available on a log store base, which adds height and practicality to the stove by allowing you to utilise the space created to store the wood needed for the evenings burn cycle.

 Loxton Logstore Leg Detail

Ribbed vermiculite bricks line the chamber, not only make the firebox more appealing when the fire isn’t burning, they also help create more turbulent air within the chamber when the flames lick over them, allowing for the air to move more freely in the chamber to get a better combustion.

They also are more resistant to any impacts that can be caused from logs knocking the bricks while the fire is being reloaded or any movement from the logs whilst they are burning.  


 Ribbed Bricks

Keeping the glass clean is a top priority when burning a woodburning stove, that is why the Loxton range has an excellent air wash system, incorporating the latest technologies and techniques to not only help the glass keep clean with preheated air, but also this system helps feed the warm air back into the heart of the fire keeping it burning more efficiently for longer.

Loxton 5 Top Plate

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