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The new Hergom Craftsbury combines high heat output with a patterned panel design

Simple and elegant, the new Craftsbury wood-burning stove from Hergom is perfectly suited to both classic and contemporary interiors. Its sleek lines and curved legs are paired with a robust cast iron body, which features an attractive textured pattern on the side panels making the Craftsbury a design feature in its own right. EcoDesign Ready, this stove is the perfect heating source for country, city and suburban homes, from cottages to apartments, townhouses to period properties.

Hergom Craftsbury

Available in a dramatic matt black, the 9kW Craftsbury has a high heat output, making it ideal for large living spaces and open-plan layouts. It boasts a combustion chamber in white cast iron with a reflective coating to allow for more heat to enter the room as well as a top and rear flue exit for flexible installation. The Craftsbury has an easy-to-use, cool-to-touch, single control lever along with a self-cleaning Airwash system that rids the glass window of soot residue, allowing for a consistently clear view of the flickering flames inside.

The new Hergom Craftsbury is a great option for those who want an easy installation with plenty of sustainable benefits. It comes equipped with an external air inlet suitable for direct air connection as well as an advanced secondary air combustion system for more heat with less wood, resulting in higher efficiency and less smoke. There’s even a large, removable ash pan for quick and convenient ash removal without fuss.

The new Hergom Craftsbury wood-burning stove is not only the perfect focal point for a cosy room scheme this winter. It is also extremely energy efficient, too. It’s A rated for energy and is UK DEFRA approved as well as EcoDesign Ready. Wood burners have long been a sustainable option for heating the home, as they are low carbon and use renewable energy. EcoDesign legislation comes into force in the UK on 1 January 2022 and from then on, only stoves that comply with EcoDesign standards can be sold. An EcoDesign Ready wood burner produces up to 90% fewer emissions than an open fire and up to 80% less than a stove manufactured 10 years ago. Homes within Smoke Control Areas also need a stove that is DEFRA-approved. A DEFRA-approved design isn’t necessarily EcoDesign Ready and vice versa, so it’s important to choose a stove that complies with both.

As well as being efficient and sustainable, Hergom wood stoves offer homeowners a number of additional attractive features such as advanced combustion technology for maximum heat and fuel performance with minimal particle emissions, high-quality cast iron construction and a clear flame view.

“We are thrilled to offer the new Hergom Craftsbury wood burner,” says Chris Baines, managing director of Eurostove. “With a heritage steeped in high quality heat for the home, this brand combines durability, strength and style to bring a pleasant, radiant warmth into any room. It’s a stove that suits all spaces and is fully compatible with the new regulations that came into force in early 2022.” 

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