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Why Choose an Electric Stove?

If you’ve always wanted a woodburning stove, but can’t have one at home due to installation issues or are worried about clearing an ash pan, then an electric fire could be the way forward for you.

Our range of Ilektro electric fires are ultra-modern and 100% efficient, meaning you don’t lose any of the residual heat up a chimney or flue, you get it all in your room.

1250 ilektro electric fire

With our range of inset electric fires you have the choice of how to install them and can put them anywhere in a room (as long as you’ve got a plug socket).

The main advantages of an electric fire is that they can have very low installation costs as they do not require a chimney system or liner to be fitted. They may require some building work to install the stove initially but after that you’re ready to go. Electric fires also don’t produce any smoke so you are able to install them in Smoke Control Areas with ease.

950 ilektro electric fire

Ilektro electric fires have a number of added features, such as the ability to change the flame colour, speed and the option to have the heater off so you can enjoy your fire in the summer as well.

ilektro 1650 electric fire

The convincing flame effects add to the authenticity of your electric fire, by using the ribbon effect you get a realistic artificial flame effect for an impressive display.

The fires themselves are available in a number of sizes, so there’s one for every installation and home.

2000 ilektro electric fire

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