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Harmony 2

Below you will find exploded diagrams for the Harmony 2 Oil Stove Spare Parts.

There are multiple images and you can use the buttons at the top to switch between them.

When you have found the correct part click on the corresponding number and you will be taken to the part page where you can add this to your cart.

The Harmony 2 (or Roman numeral II) was height 715mm x width 675mm x depth 500mm. It was cast black, green enamel, brown enamel and satin black enamel. Earlier models had strip glass, 6 strips in all.

The stove can have either an 8 inch burner heat output was 2.2kW to 9kW and it had 2 boiler versions being a 3.5kW and 7kW or the larger 10 inch burner heat output was 3.4kW to 12kW it had 2 boiler versions being a 7.5kW and 9kW.


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